Those With Us In Spirit

What is a Child?


A child is a vessel that two people pour their love, their hopes and their dreams into.

A child is someone who watches out for you when you are too old to care for yourself.

A child gives you grandchildren to bring you laughter, joy and smiles like little else will.

A child fills your heart with joy and pride.

A child provides meaning to your life.

A child receives the things that you have saved over a lifetime and cherishes them like you did.

A child holds your hand and cries when your life is ending- - and he/she carries on based on what you taught them.

This page is dedicated to the many lives that were cut short by drugs and addiction and to the families and friends that are living with their greatest loss. If you have lost a loved one to addiction, this corner of the web is for them, and you. We invite you to send us a photograph and a single paragraph biography of a person that we need to know and remember for what they brought into your life and the lives of others. You can send the image and paragraph to us via e-mail at:

Please only use this e-mail address for sending your memorial submissions.