The Joseph Albert Hekimian Legacy Friends Micro-Grant Program is intended to assist individuals engaged in recovery from addiction with support for rent, clothing, food, transportation, educational expenses and other needs that may become acute during the recovery process.

Policy #1: No payments made by the Joseph Albert Hekimian Legacy Micro-Grants Program will be payable directly to the grant recipient. All payments will be made directly from the Joseph Albert Hekimian Legacy Fund to the appropriate creditor institution, school, service provider or vendor.

Eligibility: Individuals between the ages of 18 and 30 who are American citizens, engaged in recovery and are active in a recovery program are eligible to receive a micro-grant under the Joseph Albert Hekimian Legacy Micro-Grant Program.

Basis for Selection: Each application will be evaluated based on its completeness in terms of items 1-9 below and generally in terms of how the requested assistance is likely to contribute to overall recovery and fulfillment with career and family.

Privacy: Applicant information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.  Applications are kept in hardcopy form and will be destroyed after the grant is made with the exception of name, address, amount and purpose of grant which will be kept for tax purposes.

How to Apply: Those wishing to apply for a grant under the Joseph Albert Hekimian Legacy Fund Micro-Grant Program  must apply by U.S. mail with the following information:

1.  Indicate their desire to apply for a Joseph Albert Hekimian Legacy Friends Micro-Grant.
2.  Provide their name, age, sex, phone number, e-mail and mailing address
3.  Specify whether they rent, live with family or own their own home
4.  Provide one paragraph describing their substance abuse history to include the substance and all rehabilitation efforts. Current participation in a recovery program is required.
5.  Indicate whether history includes legal issues related to substance abuse.
6. Provide at least one paragraph on the specific purpose of the grant. Include how the grant will benefit their lives and how the grant will contribute to their ability to recover from addiction and make progress towards a happier and more functional life. Indicate how critical the time component of the grant is.  Are funds needed within two months? six months?
7.  Indicate the amount of the grant and who the payee of the micro-grant would be (a specific Point of Contact will be required in the event that the grant application is accepted ). Please be advised of our Policy #1. Grant amounts range between $300 and $1200 dollars. What would be the impact if the Fund Administrators could not issue the full amount of your request?
8.  The Applicant will acknowledge that the Joseph Albert Hekimian Legacy Fund Administrators will retain the right to verify all information relating to the grant request including verification of the payee prior to making a grant. It will likely be necessary to verify parts of the application with rehabilitation counselors or sponsors, etc. The Applicant should ensure that they have authorized their counselor or sponsor to speak frankly with the Joseph Albert Hekimian Legacy Fund about their progress and overall attitude towards recovery.

9.  Include the name and contact information for the Applicant's current rehabilitation counselor or sponsor.

All applications are mailed to:

The J. A. Hekimian Legacy Fund

c/o Friends Micro-Grant Program

P.O. Box 1292

Germantown, MD 20875-1292

What to Expect: Joseph Albert Hekimian Legacy Fund Administrators may need to contact micro-grant applicants by phone or e-mail in order to clarify elements of the grant application. Notification of application status will occur within 4 weeks of receipt of the complete application package. Successful applications will be subject to grant award within 60 days of acceptance.

Refer Someone: Referrals to the Joseph Albert Hekimian Legacy Micro-Grant Program occur through the following means:

  • Joseph Albert Hekimian Legacy Fund Ambassadors
  • Community Recovery Centers
  • Religious and Educational Institutions
  • Community Social Organizations

Currently, applications will also be accepted directly from Grant Applicants when mailed to the address given above.